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Lake Como
Lake Como

Lake Como or ‘Lago di Como’ is the third largest lake in Italy, the deepest in Europe and offers one of the most picturesque sceneries in the world.  Set in the foothills of the Alps in northern Italy and only 40 km from Milan, this spectacular lake is surrounded by breathtaking landscapes, charming towns and villages scattered along the shores of the lake and stunning waterfront villas reflecting on the water.  One of the most enticing and famous towns in Lake Como is Bellagio, known as the Pearl of Lake Como.  This lovely traditional town surrounded by green hills is enriched with history, colourful houses with fragrant gardens and beautiful narrow alleys overlooking the scenic shoreline and Alpine views.

This utopian location is a perfect destination for those who love the beauty and harmony of nature.  Lake Como has been a popular retreat since the Roman times combining natural beauty, historic elegance, tranquility, splendor and glamour.  Many visitors from all over the world have been inspired by this romantic and exclusive location.  The mountain scenery with its magnificent landscapes, spectacular views and legendary villas have been home to many famous films such as James Bond and Ocean’s 12.  One of the best ways to discover and get around the lake is from the water either by ferry or a traditional Venetian boat.  

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Bellagio, Lake Como
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